permanent makeup 


Each student works on live models, after developing all tattooing techniques on practice skin. Even though we provide models for out-of-town students, local students are encouraged to bring their own models to start developing their marketing skills. If a local student is not able to get his/her models, we may assist in provide the models for them. A teacher is present during the model procedures, for assistance and further instruction, but the students works on the model from beginning to end. This guarantees full understanding & builds confidence.


We offer classes in either English or Spanish. 



- All material for the training

- Training Manual

- Permanent Makeup Machine

- Kit with pigments, disposables and other accessories to work on clients after completion of the training. (See Agenda Page)

- Certification

- FREE refresher course for up to 1 year from taking

   class (materials not included - during other classes in progress).

- FREE continuous business development and technical support

- Instruction on Shaded Brows, Hairstroke or 3D Brows, Ombre Brows, Eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement, Lip Liner, Full Lips, 3D Eyeliner, Beauty Marks, Camouflaging & more! 

- Free Lunch for full time, out of town students.

-Free snacks & drinks 

Call us (210)425-8118 to register and to set up your schedule


Tuition & Registration fee is non-refundable. Register with $750 & pay the balance the day you start school. 

GET $100 OFF when you pay with Money Order, Cashier's Check or Cash $3000 or more 




Microblading is in huge demand. 

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General Class Information

Class Times

As an adult, attending school and having to juggle work and family can be difficult. Therefore, we offer classes that meet our student's needs. In other words, you set your own start date & hours that are convenient for you. We are here to serve you, days or evenings, weekdays or weekends. Classes start weekly.

Student/Teacher Ratio

Our training is One-On-One, when the students are doing their live models. Once in a while, no more than 4 students may share a teacher, only during theory & tools/fake skin practice. We give each student individualized attention and coach each one based on their own particular needs & professional goals.