We strive to help students develop a solid foundation in the Permanent Makeup field. We invision their succees. We work hard to build their skills & most important build their confidence. We encourage them to take intellectual risks, therefore mastering their new acquired knowledge. 

Find out how we can help you start your brighter future today!

OUR LICENSES & MEMBERSHIPS: Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation-Texas Health Department-TDLR Continuing Education-Permanent Makeup Association-Permanent Makeup Society
Associated Skin Care Professionals-Day Spa Association-International Body Arts Association (IBAA)
National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations

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Students work individually with each model from beginning to end, with an instructor present at all times. This helps develop confidence, experience and a start-up portfolio. 

Fostering Brighter Futures

Train With Us! No group training - just you & your teacher!

Our courses are vendor neutral, therefore you learn about all the tools & supplies accessible in the market. We do not push a particular product down your throat. We open our student's  eyes to all possibilities. 


Business Strategies

Starting & running a business is not easy. Our effective teaching, empowers & impels our graduates to deeper knowledge & productive thinking. We counsel & coach our students, individually,  to get their permanent makeup venture running, as soon as possible, not after graduation but while they are still in school.

Our Signature Brow Design & Numbing Techniques are the best in the country.

Our Vision

permanent makeup 

Our Staff

Our professional instructors have over 30 years of combined experience in permanent makeup. They have impressive credentials, not only in the beauty industry but also in the medical, business & marketing field. They are committed to our profession and love to share their knowledge & skills, to guarantee a higher level of achievement.    

Our Strengths

We provide full insight into all the techniques available for all permanent makeup procedures from the most basic to the advanced ones.

We cater our training to each students situation to guarantee a great start in their career.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide quality permanent makeup training for successful, profitable, long term careers. This goal is highly individualized to each student's wants & needs. We strive to give them the opportunity to learn in rich meaningful ways to support their professional growth. We have been building successful professionals since 2010.